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Fall Programs

Mass Premier Courts Fall Program Guide


Boot Clinic

This is one of our most popular programs.  The goal of this program is to get players back into basketball shape.  We do this through conditioning and playing basketball.  Players will re-gain their touch on the ball and begin to develop appropriate basketball conditioning throughout the nine weeks of this program. 

            High School Girls

            Middle School Girls

            High School Boys Elite – Invite Only

            High School Boys

            Middle School Boys Grades 4-6

            Middle School Boys Grades 7-8



This is a competitive program run throughout nation. We host our own AAU program at our facility.  All of our AAU teams practice at our facility and have the option of playing in tournaments at our facility or elsewhere.  Players are required to attend at least one of the tryouts to be evaluated and may participate if and when they are selected to a team.

            Ages 10-17


Prepare for your tryouts week

This program is designed to get players ready for their town or high school tryouts.  The middle school division will have a four day session in which players will be put through a variety of drills and stations to get back into the basketball season. The high school program will be a three day program. This program does not guarantee that players will make the teams’ that they try out for, but it does give players an opportunity to play basketball against other players after possibly taking some time away from the game.

            Middle School Grades 4-8

            High School Grades 9-12


Middle School Team Clinic Weekend

This is a program which is designed for teams to get exposed to a variety of different coaching styles and situations.  Every coach has a unique style of coaching and a unique perspective on the game of basketball. Teams will come to Mass Premier Courts throughout the weekend and be put through a variety of drills and situational scrimmages to prepare them for the upcoming season. 

            Boys and Girls Teams Grades 5-8


Coaches Clinic

Our Coaches Clinic features local high school coaches who share their knowledge of the game with youth coaches.  Coaches will speak on a variety of topics (typically 2 or 3 in a night).  Topics have included: warm up drills, individual drills, breaking the zone, man to man defense, and much more.

            Open Registration – must be an adult coach or parent


AAU Prep

This program is designed for serious basketball players who which to really challenge themselves.  The focus of this program is to work on the fundamentals of basketball.  Players will spend the first half of the program working on skills and drills.  In the second half of the program players will participate in competitive games that emphasize the skills learned.  5 on 5 games will not be played during this program.

            Ages 6-11


Tuesday/Thursday Shooting Clinics

Our shooting clinics are open to players of all ages and abilities.  We will tailor the instruction to any groups needs.  Players will be grouped by age, gender, and ability upon arrival and will work in small groups from there.  Small groups allow coaches to give individual attention and players to take as many shots as possible.

            Boys and Girls Grades 4-12


Monday/Wednesday Skills and Drills

Similar to our shooting clinics our skills and drills sessions are for players of all ages and abilities. Players will work in small groups based on gender, age, and ability.  The focus of this clinic will be all aspects of the game of basketball.  Players may work on shooting, dribbling, layups, defense, rebounding, and much more. 

            Boys and Girls Grades 4-9


Fall Recreation Leagues

Our recreation leagues are for players of all ages and abilities.  Players will be evaluated on September 19th and placed on teams prior to the first game.  Players will receive a team t-shirt the night of the first game and will play games weekly from then on.  The games will be 20 minute running halves and coached by a volunteer parent.  This program does not guarantee instruction and team request will not be honored or accepted.

            Boys Grades 5-6

            Boys Grades 7-9

            Girls Grades 5-6

            Girls Grades 7-9


Varsity Team Leagues

Our Varsity Team Leagues are for Varsity team registrations only.  This is a great way for Varsity Teams to begin preparing for the High School season.  The fall league is generally smaller than our summer leagues because of other conflicting High School activities.  The competition level is still high however. Games are officiated by certified officials and scored on our electronic scoreboards.

            Boys Varsity League

            Girls Varsity League