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Camps and Clinics

At Mass Premier Courts we offer Camps and Clinics all year round. All the Camps and Clincs are held at our centrally heated and air conditioned facility using our spacious well lit Basketball Courts. During the fall we offer the pre-season clinics for both coaches and players. During the winter school vacation weeks in Dec. and Feb. we always offer several different clinic options and of course during the summer we offer a full range or Camps and Clincs for both genders and all ages and skill levels.
Our camps comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (105.CMR 430.000) and is licensed by the Foxboro Board of Health.

Cancellation Insurance;
For an additional $10 per camp you can purchase cancellation insurance. This insurance allows participants complete reimbursement of all clinic fees (excluding insurance fee). The following guidelines must be adhered:
1. Cancellation insurance MUST be purchased at the time of registration. It cannot be added at a later date.
2. All Payment must be met in order to receive reimbursement.
3. The cost of cancellation insurance will not be refunded.
4. Mass Premier Courts must be notified by email or phone no later than the first day of the camp that you are registered.
5. Once the clinic begins, refunds will Not be issued. NO EXCEPTIONS.

You may purchase Cancellation Insurance by checking the box on the brochure or when you register online. If purchasing online please add $10.00 to your fee and type in the comment field "purchased cancellation insurance".

Refund Policy: Mass Premier Courts will only give refunds for those participants who are injured or have family emergencies that would prevent them from attending their activity at Mass Premier Courts. Credit may be given for other reasons at the discretion of the General Manager. Written documentation of injuries or emergency must be given to be eligible for refund.